You can help to make “Miracles” happen in your community.

Your Donation Options are:

INDIVIDUAL DONATIONS: A general donation can be made to support local programs and services by phoning 667-2203 or dropping into our office at 16 Church Street, Unit 206. You can also give when you receive our brochure in the mail in September, just fill the back of the form out and mail your cheque or Visa number to us. The third option is to complete our online donation form at the start of our website. You will receive an official income tax receipt within days of your donation.

PAYROLL DEDUCTIONS: In the past few years there has been tremendous support and participation in our Payroll Deduction Plan from employee groups all over Cumberland County. Participates have come from local businesses, corporations, schools and government offices. Payroll deduction accounts for the majority of our funding and we request you support in helping us to build a caring community. Please contact our office at (902) 667-2203 for information on how you or your organization can participate.

MEMORIAMS: A donation may be made in the honour of a friend or family member who has passed away by filling out the appropriate pledge card here at the United Way office or contacting us at (902) 667-2203. Honour this person by donating to their community.

Do you know what Tax Benefits you receive if you become part of Leadership Program.

Your gift of $500. will actually cost you only $311. because you receive a tax credit of $189.; for a $1,000. donation your actual cost is $583. and you receive a tax credit of $417. But more importantly you become a Leader in your community.

When you give money to the United Way of Cumberland County, you are making a real difference in the community. The impact of your financial contribution is seen in the many programs funded by United Way – from helping children who could not help themselves to seniors in bringing meaning back into their lives. Your contribution goes a long way with United Way of Cumberland County.

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