Privacy Policy

The United Way of Cumberland County is committed to protecting your Privacy. We do not rent or sell your donor information with any other organization. We take every step to ensure the confidentiality of your information is maintained. The information you or your employer provides to us is used to help us: i) in our campaign; ii) process and receipt your donation; iii) respond to any of your information requests. We do not provide donor information to any third parties, except for the following:

  1. Designations – If a portion of your gift is directed to another United Way or another charity, we provide the amount of your donation, your name and workplace to the recipient. If you do not wish this to occur, please indicate this on your pledge form.
  2. Leadership Donors – United Way may publicly recognize leadership donors. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please indiciate this when making your pledge.
  3. Third Party – In order to maintain cost effectiveness and continue to provide a high level of donor service, some third parties (such as volunteer campaign/fundraisers and repair persons) may have some access to our computer files on our behalf. These companies enter into strict confidentiality agreements and pursuant to those agreements, do no keep any information on file.
  4. Conflict Resolution – In the event of inquiries related to the above policy, the Executive Director of the United Way of Cumberland County will be available to discuss any issues that may arise. If a resolution can not be found then the Board of Directors will require written notice of the conflicit and they will provide a written response within 30 days of receiving written notice.

If you are a donor to the United Way of Cumberland County, whether to our workplace campaign, (either on line or via paper pledge form), direct mail, special events or including but not limited to, unsolicited gifts, your information is not shared with other organizations unless a portion of your gift is directed to another United Way or another charity (see Designations, above).