The United Way of Cumberland County Kick Off the 2019 Campaign with the SMILE Cookie Event

The United Way of Cumberland County has once again partnered with Tim Horton’s  in Amherst to coordinate the 2019 United Way Campaign Kick off with the SMILE Cookie Event .We are very excited to announce the Cookie Campaign raised $7,938.00 this year and this money goes directly towards our campaign and the programs that we fund. This is the 18th year for the Tim Horton’s SMILE Cookies Campaign and they have contributed over $62,000. to help support the many programs the United Way help to fund.  A huge Thank You goes out to the Tim Horton’s team and to the people who purchased a SMILE Cookie; you are the reason that this is event is so successful.

The United Way of Cumberland County mailed out requests to individual donors. Individual donors make up 25% of our campaign, you are so extremely important to us and we Thank You for your continued support. The Campaign kits will be out to the businesses in early October.  We encourage employees to sign on for payroll deductions,  payroll deductions can be as little as a $1.00 a pay and by donating through payroll you will have a tax deduction on your T’4’s.

Awareness is so very important to the United Way.  We have been in Cumberland County for 61 years and still have work to do to make people familiar with what the United Way does.  It is really very simple we raise money to provide social programs in the community.  These programs are opened to everyone, we are helping working families, challenged individuals, seniors and children. Some of the programs we support are: SMILE & Shine, Pop-UP, After the School Bell, Community Transportation, 211 which is a United Way initiative and many more. By donating you are helping to support programs for your family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors and yes people that you may not know their circumstances, YES you are paying it forward.  None of us know what the future will bring for us, you maybe the person needing support from your community.  Our Vision is:   UNITED FOR SOCIAL CHANGE, INSPIRED DONORS.  LASTING IMPACT