The United Way of Cumberland County The Volunteer Factor: A message from Cathy Skinner

Volunteer  week is from April 7-13  and I have seen firsthand the tremendous impact local programs receive from gracious gifts of time and donations.  Our organization would not exist without dedicated local donors and volunteers, sitting on our Board of Directors, in-house canvassers in businesses and others that help out with special events. In today’s society, time and money is of  the utmost  importance, that is what makes volunteers special.  They go above and beyond themselves and care about their communities, their families, friends and neighbors. They work tirelessly to bring positive change to our communities.

I extend my sincerest gratitude to the many supporters/donors who help organizations and those in need.  With your courageous ongoing commitment, together we continue to be the shoulder to lean on – yet demand for programs and services is only increasing.  This is why your United Way remains committed to making our communities a better place for the most vulnerable and future generations.

During the National Volunteer Week, let’s unite as a community to celebrate the many great achievements we’ve accomplished this past year, but still  strive to do better. #LocalLove.